CoVid 19 Arrangements

I am now consulting face-to-face at Sandringham and South Yarra.

Who Am I?

D. Psych (Health)
Diabetes Educator
Member Australian Psychological Society (APS)
Member Health College APS
Member Australian Diabetes Society
Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment

I am a nationally registered Health Psychologist committed to delivering psychological services that support people to be their best selves, living a life that is aligned to their heartfelt values.

Psychological services offered include psychotherapy, counselling, mindfulness training, and coaching.

Prior to working in private practice I worked in a variety of professional settings including Universities, the Not for Profit sector, Hospitals and Community-Based Organisations. I am also a published author in peer-reviewed journals.

My Special Interest

Although my practice is not confined to people with diabetes, I do have a special interest in this group. The necessary but relentless self-care regime of managing diabetes can increase a person’s risk of developing psychological problems. Burn out, mood disorders, and disordered eating are not uncommon in those juggling the demands of everyday life and a chronic illness. I work with people to help them recover from these problems and return to a life of vitality and health.

Why I Do What I Do

For most of my professional life I have worked to help people to improve their health and as a Health Psychologist, I believe that a healthy mind is just as fundamental to wellness as an optimally functioning body.

When I’m Not Working …

I enjoy challenging myself physically with cycling and relax by singing and spending time with my family. Daily yoga and meditation practices are part of my self-care and help me to pay attention to my experiences moment-to-moment as best as I can (an ongoing work in progress).