Corporate Programs

Prior to studying psychology Lisa Engel worked in management positions in the health sector for a number of years. These experiences have made her well aware of the challenges facing those who work in cost-cutting and budget-conscious environments. A range of training programs have been developed to improve the well-being of individuals and the overall operational effectiveness of the workplace.

All on-site corporate programs can be packaged to suit the needs of particular workplaces and program content can be tailored to specific issues and problems.

Introduction to Meditation

Four-weekly sessions of one hour duration (can be delivered during a lunch break)

In this program participants will be introduced to four different meditation practices that over time have been shown to strengthen concentration, relaxation, and self-awareness.

Transitioning Through Change

One-Day Workshop

Maya Angelou once said, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” As we transition through our lives, we can encounter empty spaces such as when a relationship or a job ends, or when our role at work changes. These personal empty spaces can be terrifying and we often scramble for a goal or anything to fill this void. In this practical and highly experiential workshop, participants are provided with the opportunity for a literal and metaphorical ‘Breathing Space’.

Topics covered in the workshop include the following:

  • Honouring what has been lost or changed
  • Theories of adaptation to change
  • Identifying faulty thinking
  • Skills to manage anxiety
  • Identifying personal strengths
  • Values clarification
  • Moving on and setting goals that are congruent with your values

Resilience at Work

One-Day Workshop

Resilience is the capacity to recover from setbacks and adversity and to face new challenges with optimism and open-mindedness. This one-day workshop will explore skills and inner strengths that can be developed and strengthened to help people remain resilient at work. Topics include:

  • Identification of emotional barriers that get in your way
  • Cognitive distortions that lead to thinking traps
  • Knowing and managing the inner critic
  • Developing a flexible explanatory style

Mindful Leadership

Two-Day Program (Plus individual pre and post program interviews)

Effective leadership means being able to foster new ideas, create change in your organisation, address morale problems, and clarify direction, whilst also taking care of yourself. How do you sustain leadership over an extended period of time?

This two-day program provides participants with the opportunity to understand that often the hardest person to lead is ourselves. In a confidential environment, participants are guided to discover their motivations, destructive emotions, crucibles, strengths, and limitations. Developing the capacity to function in situations where the outcome is uncertain is also explored.

The Mindful Leadership program is intensive, immersive, and experiential. Included in the program content are findings from the psychology of wisdom to assist leaders to make wise decisions. Mindful Leadership provides participants with a path to fulfill their role and address their challenges thoughtfully and calmly, in a spirit of acceptance and non-reactivity.

Participants leave this program with an action plan that addressed change in their professional lives and strategies to live a balanced life during any transition.

This workshop can be completed in the workplace over two days or during a weekend retreat. Extra costs apply for the residential program