Group Programs

Mindfully Reducing Stress for Better Living

The practice of Mindfulness enables you to pay close attention to the present moment in an atmosphere of acceptance and nonjudgmental objectivity. Being in a wise relationship with one’s self enables you to respond to any situation with clarity and focus rather than habitual patterns of thinking and behaving. To help cultivate this innate resource, I offer Mindfulness Programs at workplaces or in Sandringham. The program consists of 8 weekly sessions of two and a half hours duration.

Mindful Eating Program: Mi-EAT

Chronic dieting, patterns of binge eating, and using food to manage negative thoughts and feelings are not only symptoms of dysfunction, but actively contribute to its perpetuation. This program consists of ten weekly sessions and is limited to a maximum of seven participants.

The program is underpinned by mindfulness meditation techniques and incorporates strategies to overcome negative body image, identify factors other than weight and shape to judge self-worth and develop alternative coping strategies that do not involve food.

This is a very experiential program incorporating eating food mindfully as a group. People leave this program with a renewed appreciation of themselves and rather than seeing food as the enemy, can once more enjoy the pleasures of eating.

You and Your Work: An Exploration Group

This group meets monthly for a minimum of six-months and is delivered at your work place with 4-8 employees. The group is usually one hour duration during which in-session exercises are completed and issues of concern for the group are presented and discussed. ‘You and Your Work’ provides an opportunity to feel validated, fresh, and creative about your work. The group also provides a confidential space to become reflective rather than reactive.